About Long Term Stewardship

Long Term Stewardship is the process of long term, effective management of a development and encouraging a vibrant community.

The Stewardship of Lawley Village is based on a commitment to:

  • Provide good Estate Management
  • Maintain and enhance high quality non-adopted public realm
  • Enforce long term building and development controls which pay regard to the integrity of appearance and amenities
  • Develop, maintain and empower a flourishing and vibrant community
  • Deliver services as a ‘whole development’ entity, rather than on a phase-by-phase or area-by-area basis
  • Deliver services in a tenure blind way

The community enjoys the benefit of:

  • High quality soft and hard landscaping of managed areas and open spaces
  • Cleaner environments
  • Protection of the visual amenity of the village which insures the special character of the village is maintained
  • A strong, cohesive and vibrant community
  • Involvement in the decision making process
  • A wear and tear fund to cover future maintenance and renewal of managed areas
  • A point of contact

The Lawley Long Term Stewardship Model strives to ensure that the Lawley community is:

  • A safe place to live
  • A place where people are valued and everyone is able to make a contribution
  • A place where people come together and demonstrate inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability
  • A place where individuals and the community as a whole are empowered and motivated to take ownership of the community
  • A place where opportunities exist and are promoted to improve individuals health and well being

For further information please email the team on stewardship@bvt.org.uk