Phase 2

Bournville Stewardship Services would like to invite you to join Iwan James and Darren Helwig on regular Estate Walkabouts.  The aim of Estate Walkabouts are to give you the opportunity to highlight the issues you see on a day-to-day basis, such as litter problems.  Following each walkabout, Bournville Stewardship Services will report back any issues raised to the relevant parties.

Below is the timetable of scheduled 2016 Estate Walkabouts for Phase 2.  These dates may be amended during the course of the year.  If you have any questions regarding Estate Walkabouts please contact either Iwan James or Darren Helwig on 01952 898524 or email or

You can view the notes and feedback for each Estate Walkabout in the table below;

Month Date Time  Notes and Feedback
January Friday 15th 10.00am Click Here
February Friday 5th 2.00pm Click Here
February Friday 22nd 10.00am Click Here
February Friday 29th 2.00pm Click Here
March Thursay 24th 10.00am Click Here
April  Friday 1st 2.00pm Click here
April  Friday 15th 2.00pm Click Here
May Tuesday 3rd 10.00am Click Here
May Friday 27th 2.00pm Click Here
June Friday 3rd 10.00am Click Here
June Friday 24th 2.00pm Click Here
July Friday 1st 10.00am Click Here
July Friday 22nd 2.00pm Click Here
August Friday 12th 10.00am Click Here
August Friday 19th 2.00pm Click Here
September Friday 9th 10.00am Click Here
September Friday 30th 2.00pm Click Here
October Friday 7th 10.00am Click Here
October Monday 24th 2.00pm Click Here
November Friday 4th 10.00am Click Here
November Friday 25th 2.00pm Click Here
December Friday 2nd 10.00am Click Here
December Friday 23rd 2.00pm Click Here

Meeting Point:
Phase 2 (Lawley Square) meet outside Morrisons

If you would like copies of last years Estate Walkabout notes and feedback, please email the Estates Team,