Lawley Village Management Committee

What is the Lawley Village Management Committee (LVMC) ?

The LVMC is made up of Bournville Village Trust Trustees and Neighbourhood Representatives that meet 4 times a year and together they make decisions on and recommendations about the management of Lawley Village.

There are several key functions of the Committee including setting and    monitoring budgets, the preservation of the standards of appearance and amenity on Lawley Village,  managing non-adopted public realm and open space, playing fields and future facilities and to encourage the fostering of resident involvement and new communities in the management,       maintenance and facilities of Lawley Village through the development and implementation of the  Community Involvement Strategy.

 How do I get involved in the Lawley Village Management Committee?

Elections are held for representatives from 5 main areas throughout Lawley.  Further details on these areas is contained in the Terms of Reference, which is available on request.

For more information on the Committee please contact Becci Youlden by telephone on 0121 667 1044 or by email at