Vision & Corporate Aims

Bournville Stewardship Services’ vision and corporate aims mirror those of Bournville Village Trust.

Our vision is:

Our  Vision
To create and sustain flourishing communities where people choose to live.

Our Corporate Aims
In order to achieve our vision, we have a clear set of corporate aims that support this ideal and which the entire organisation continues to work towards with the development of new and innovative projects.

  • To deliver high quality, customer focused housing, maintenance and estate management services.
  • To work with residents and partner agencies to develop successful and exemplary sustainable communities.
  • To communicate effectively with all our customers.
  • To deliver bespoke services to our vulnerable residents.
  • To develop and promote new business initiatives to enable future growth.
  • To invest in our people.
  • To deliver value for money and efficiency in all of our services.
  • To celebrate our heritage and use it as a platform to promote BVT.

Our Values
We have a clear set of values that underpin our work and define exactly what our organisation is about. We are:

Passionate about people
We invest in our communities. We work with customers to develop services that meet their needs and support them to flourish.

Dedicated to distinctive development
We develop new and sustainable homes and communities and encourage better development and planning elsewhere.

Committed to quality
We deliver high quality homes and services that provide excellent value for money and help to improve and maintain communities.

Proud of our heritage
We are proud of our unique heritage but we don’t stand still. Our experience informs the services that we provide today.

To watch a film about the work of Bournville Village Trust, visit the BVT website by clicking here.