General Information about Bournville Stewardship Services

What is the area defined as Lawley Village?

 The area defined as Lawley Village (previously known as Ironstone Lawley) can be viewed here.

 What is Bournville Stewardship Services?

Bournville Stewardship Services is a long term commitment to the management and maintenance of a neighbourhood funded through a management charge levied on each household.  Bournville Stewardship Services is part of Bournville Village Trust which has over 100 years’ experience of housing and estate management and creating successful communities.

 What is the role of the Lawley Village Developer Group (previously known as the  Ironstone Developer Group (IDG))?

 The Lawley Village Developer Group (LVDG) is the consortium of the three national house builders, Persimmon, Taylor Wimpey and Barratt.  Together they are building all of the development including the roads and open spaces.

The LVDG have overall responsibility for building every aspect of the development.  The LVDG are also responsible for maintaining the roads and open spaces until they are fully completed and   handed over to the council or Bournville Stewardship Services. You can visit the development page on this website for more information.